company pension plan: counselling in the language of your employees

You are an international employer and have a german branch for which you need a pension concept in the company pension plan. However, advice is needed in different foreign languages?

advice in your language

COMPANY PENSION PLAN: The bAVProfis advise in different languages

Even the german employer has considerable difficulties in getting the right perspective on occupational pension schemes under german law.
We, as foreigners, who specifically lead simple and understandable concepts for securing living standards in old-age provision, are now supposed to understand the complex topic of the german occupational pension?

At the same time, this difficult topic is usually only presented in the german language. Often the technical terms in the German language are not available in the home language and thus misunderstandings arise.

On request, the bAVProfis will conduct the consultation and communication in your desired language. As a rule, English is already the language for the consultation and the documentation or summary can be done in the home language if desired.

The digital administration by bAVProfis with the automatic home language of your employee.

The bAVProfis develop the desired concept of the German occupational pension for you and your employees.

At the same time, you have the option of having all of the issues involved in the entry and exit of your employees fully automated by bAVProfis.

With the help of the digital administration tool of bAVProfis, your personally defined concept of your occupational pension is used in your corporate design and the desired foreign language of your employee when logging in.

Comprehensible and written communication in the occupational pension scheme, as required by German law from you as an employer.

company pension plan: advice in yout ow language